Capital Coatings & Linings, LLC.

Brinker International, Inc. Dallas, TX
Will Harris & Roger Thomson
(972) 980-9917
Brinker properties include Chiliís, On The Border and Macaroni Grill Restaurants nationwide. 2007 will mark the fourth year of CCL providing maintenance services to the chain throughout the Gulf South.
Kelley Enterprises, Inc.
Harvey, LA Jack Kelley (504) 458-0641
2007 makes the eighth year that CCL will have provided services for Circuit City and Home Depot Retail Outlets.
VIP International, Inc.
  Baton Rouge, LA
Jack Harris
(225) 753-8575
Numerous projects completed for VIP including the cleaning and coating of their main warehouse/shop-work included roof repairs and repainting of entire exterior and roof.
PLACID Refining Co.,LLC
Port Allen, LA
Jim Harvey
Major electrical substation restoration during a fast-track turnaround. Project included lead abatement.
ENTERGY Corporation
Baton Rouge, LA Wayne Garrett
Entering the sixth year of numerous electrical substation projects including surface restoration of transformers, switchgear, etc. Chalmette Refining, LLC Chalmette, LA Kerry English (504) 281-1212 Refinery flooded
Chalmette Refining, LLC
Chalmette, LA
Kerry English
(504) 281-1212
Refinery flooded during Hurricane Katrina. CCL addressed all electrical substations in preparation of refinery retuning to service. Owned by Exxon/Mobil
Sid Richardson Carbon Company Add
is, Louisiana
David Baker
(225) 343-5704
Performed the interior cleaning of several large carbon black storage silos removing tons of caked carbon black from silo sides. Preparing to commence the blasting and coating of two large storage tanks containing plant feed stock oil.
Murphy Oil USA Company
Meraux, La
(504) 271-4141
Refinery flooded during Hurricane Katrina. CCL prepared and painted all electrical substations as well as control rooms prior to refinery retuning to service

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